Main Product
Paragon 2100/7/V/73 Evo Multi Wire Saw Machine
LEVIBRETON KFG 4600 Belt polisher for marble slabs
Paragon 2100/6/F30/56 Evo Multi Wire Saw Machine for Marble,Granite Block Cutting
Breton - EASYWIRE 4WD Monowire machine for Block Squaring
Breton FUEGO 4X - 4-axis diamond wire shaping machine
Breton DUOBRETON AEG Continuous splitter for marble with horizontal circular blades
Breton SHARPWIRE Splitting Machine for Slabs
ORTOBRETON 4EM Four column block saw for marble
Breton Tilting Roller Conveyor
Breton Jib crane complete with hoist
APL- Automatic applicator of the protective polyethylene
Levibreton KFM Slab/Strip Calibrating and Polishing Machine
Breton Luxmaster TANGO Continuous belt polisher for marble slabs
Breton APP - Polymer Applicator For slab polishing lines
Levibreton KLG/SM Bridge Polishing Machine with Fixed Bench
CAL/S/2000/1V Automatic slab loader with 1 suction cup
Breton - EASY2WIRE 2-wire Machine for Cutting Thick Slabs and Block Squaring
Breton STA 2000 Automatic void filling machine
Levibreton One dressing machine with mobile bridge
Breton - EASYWIRE Monowire for Block Squaring
Multibreton AC-AD Automatic cutting line with software
Breton CAL/S/2000 Automatic slab loader with 6 suction cup
Breton-Micron Bellani Edge Polisher
Breton Drying of Slabs,Catalysis Unit Before Resin Treating
Microwaves in natural stone resin treatment plants
Breton Combicut - Bridge saw+Waterjet for marble,granite
Multibreton DXS Multi-disc cross cutter for granite and marb
Multibreton DXL Automatic Cross-cut Saw for Marble and Grani
HURACAN cutting line with pre-cutting and chamfering
Breton SmartFlex CNC cutting centre with 3 cutting spindles
Multibreton ACS-ADS Automatic cutting line with software
PRATICA Waterjet cutting machine with 1/2 tanks, 3/5 axis
Breton Easycut FE 600 Evolution Bridge Saw
Smart-Cut 550-CNC bridge saw with rotating head
Smart-Cut S/NC 550 OPTIMA Bridge Saw with Vacuum pick
SMART-CUT 800 OPTIMA 5 axis CNC bridge saw with vacuum lift