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Raw Material Mixer

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Raw Material Mixer Ring Mixer Pressing Machine
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Quartz Raw Material Blender
Type: Artificial Stone Machines Raw Material Mixer
Warranty: 12 Months
Usage: Artificial Stone
Machinery Function Features:
The machine only request worker to press the button ON/OFF. When suck the slab,through the proximity switch to give the signal to sucker machine to achieve the automatically suck the slab and discharge the slab.The procedure for sucking is trough the photoelectric tube control,the whole process without man control,all are automatic control by program.It only take 1 minutes to suck the slab to the rolling table which reduce the labor intensity effectively. The sucker loader can rotate 180 degree which is suitable for remove the vertical or horizontal slab storage. Base on the request ,can storage the slab with surface & back side. On the meantime it can walk automatically which is suitable for storage the slab with a certain distance. Power : 7.1KW
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