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  1. Country / Region:
  2. Year Established:
    Dec 29,1991
  3. Main Products:
    stone machinery, CNC waterjet machine, polishing machine, CNC bridge saw, 5 axes milling machines, CNC working centers
Main Product
Factory Machines->Stone Finishing, Profiling Machines->Edge Profiling, Polishing Machine
Usage: Granite,Marble,Limestone,Onyx,Quartzite,Travertine
FeaturesDesc: LUCE edge polishing machines, with their electric-welded structure, are designed and built for the processing of marble, granite, artificial quartz and natural stones, with an ample use in the field of headstones. Equipped with a double spindle, they allow the creation of upper and lower bevels, straight edge polishing, partial edges and bevelling. * Easy to program and operate one day of training and ready to work * Belt speed electronically controlled by an inverter * Concomitant processing of pieces with different thicknesses equipped with pneumatic pressure devices
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Factory Machines->Stone Slab Cutting Machines->CNC Bridge Cutting Machine
Usage: Granite,Marble,Limestone,Artificial Stone,Quartzite,Sandstone,Travertine
FeaturesDesc: STAR, CHAMPION and TANGO bridge saws are designed and built for the processing of marble, granite, artificial quartz, ceramic and natural stones. Powered by a numerical control interfaced with CAD/CAM systems, they are divided in: 4 interpolated axis bridge saws (STAR) suitable for linear cutting and profiling; 5 interpolated axis bridge saws (STAR, CHAMPION and TANGO), ideal for complex works like linear, curved and inclined cutting, drilling, profiling, engravings and bas-reliefs. Whether for the production of unique pieces or for serial production STAR, CHAMPION and TANGO bridge saws are mainly used for slab cutting. CHAMPION CNC machines may be customized according to the Customer’s needs about production and space available into his factory. Easy to manage Automatic Cutting and displacement of the pieces “Cut & Move” suction cup manipulator (Prussiani Engineering European Patent EP 1651409) Machine stability and perfect cutting quality bridge movement by two motors, one on the right and one on the left (GANTRY system) Machine easy to use intuitive CAD/CAM software Greater grip and non-deformability of work Tables top of the working table made of a special Prussiani rubber Easy and lowered maintenance planning controlled and guided by CNC No risk of oil stains on the marble slabs lubrication with EP1 density grease Attention to people safety machines compliant with the most recent safety standards
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Contact Details
Mario Giorgio Prussiani
Telephone: +39-035 581444
Fax No: +39-035 4528235
Company Address: Via Luigi Galvani,16
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