Machine Products

Main Product
Paragon 2100/7/V/73 Evo Multi Wire Saw Machine
Paragon 2100/6/F30/56 Evo Multi Wire Saw Machine for Marble,Granite Block Cutting
Breton - EASY2WIRE 2-wire Machine for Cutting Thick Slabs and Block Squaring
Breton - EASYWIRE Monowire for Block Squaring
Breton - EASYWIRE Duo for Block Squaring
BRETON EXTREME HDR 50 Automatic Loader/Unloader for slabs
Breton CAL/S/2000 Automatic slab loader with 6 suction cup
CAL/S/2000/1V Automatic slab loader with 1 suction cup
Breton SCAL/S/2000/SV Automatic slab uploader
SCAL/S/2000 Automatic slab unloader with 6 suction cup
Unloading system with automatic selection trolleys
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