Thursday, July 22, 2021

Sintered Stone Processing

1. For processing, use the Vacuum Slab Lifter to lift the slab and place it over the operating desk gradually.


2. Input the slab dimension on the corresponding computer program to make use of the Bridge Saw Machine.


3. The Cutting Machine that is specially designed for Sintered Stone cutting, which can cut slabs into circlesemi-circle, horse-belly and etc.


4. Sintered Stone Edges 

Sintered stone edges are available in many shapes, such as Groove, Reserve Bevel, Dupont, Chamfer, Hollywood Bevel, Fullbullnose, Quarter Round, Demi-bullnose, Laminted Dupont and more.


 (1) Mitre Saw - Joint 45° 


(2) Waterjet Cutting Machine (For table tops and basins)


(3) Use Angle Grinder and Surface Grinding Machine to produce smooth and polish surface on Sintered Stone tiles.


5. Adhesive designed for use on Sintered Stone, use to bond stone to stone or stone to other materials.


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